The Story Behind Why Women Wear Pink or Red for Valentine's Day

The Story Behind Why Women Wear Pink or Red for Valentine's Day

Hey, girl!

Do you know why women wear pink or red for Valentine's Day?

Some people say it's because those are the colors of love. Others say it's because those are the colors of passion. And still others say it's because those are the colors of strength and power.

But we know the real reason women wear pink or red for Valentine's Day.

It's because we want to look good and feel confident on one of the most special days of the year!

A Brief History of Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day. A time to celebrate love and all things romantic. But where did this tradition come from? And why do women wear pink or red on this day?

Well, as with most traditions, there's a bit of history behind it all. Valentine's Day is actually a Christian holiday that celebrates Saint Valentine, who was martyred in the 3rd century. And as for the pink and red thing? That actually has to do with love and passion. 

Back in the day, women would wear pink or red to show their male suitor that they were interested in them. Men, on the other hand, would wear white to show that they were taken. So if you're planning on wearing pink or red this Valentine's Day, now you know the story behind it!

How Wearing Red Became Popular

Ah, Valentine's Day. A day of love, happiness, and, of course, red clothing!

But where did this tradition of wearing red come from? No one really knows for sure, but there are a few popular theories.

The most popular story is that the color red was first worn by women in the 12th century as a sign of defiance against the Church. They believed that the Pope was trying to control their love lives, so they started wearing red to show their opposition.

Another story suggests that women started wearing red to attract attention from men. In this version, red was seen as a powerful and seductive color, and women wanted their admirers to see them from a distance.

Whatever the true story may be, we're happy that women have continued to wear red on Valentine's Day! It's become such an iconic tradition that it would be pretty hard to imagine the holiday without it.

Why Pink Is Now Considered a Symbolic Color on Valentine's Day

Why do women wear pink or red on Valentine's Day? Many people believe it's because these colors are associated with love and passion. And while this may be true, the story behind why these colors have become so symbolic is actually quite interesting.

Back in the early days of Valentine's Day, it was actually considered bad luck for women to wear any other color but red on February 14th. This was because men were allowed to give women only three gifts—red roses, a red heart, or a red velvet box filled with chocolates. If a woman received any other gift, it meant that her man was not serious about her.

In modern times, however, pink has become a popular alternative to red. This is because it's seen as a more feminine color that represents sweetness, delicacy and charm. So if you're looking to avoid any potential bad luck, go ahead and wear something pink on Valentine's Day!

Does What You Wear on Valentine's Day Matter?

The short answer is: it totally depends! Valentine's Day is a day to express love and appreciation to your significant other, so it's up to you how much effort you want to put into dressing for the occasion – whether that means going for a classic pink or red ensemble, like Pink Butterfly Dress $53


You could pair it with a something unexpected like this Distressed Cropped Denim Jacket $29


If you decide to go with the traditional Valentine's Day look, don't forget the accessories! Adding small touches like Pearl Rosebud Drop Earrings and headbands can add an extra level of whimsy to your outfit. 

And if you're looking to make more of a statement, try a patterned two-piece set like The Hillary 2 Piece Cropped Top Sweater Set $53  or some bold red boots like The Bestie Stiletto Boot $63. Ultimately, it's all about wearing what makes you feel confident and beautiful.


Fashionable Ways to Incorporate Pink and Red Into Your Look for Valentine's Day

So you’ve figured out why wearing pink or red on Valentine’s Day is the way to go - now you just need to figure out how to pull it off! Luckily, your trusty online women’s boutique has got you covered. Whether you’re looking for casual outfits or something a bit dressier for a night out, there are plenty of fashionable ways to incorporate pink and red into your look.

 For a fun and flirty look, try pairing a pair of floral jeans like Le Fleur Distressed Denim Jeans $39 with a cozy pink sweater like our Classic Cozy Sweater in pink $23 or layer some statement jewelry in both colors. 


If you want to keep it chic, opt for a monochrome ensemble in either color – think a red mini dress like our Meredith Wrap Dress $62 with some bold gold accessories, like our Thrice the Love Earrings.

For an edgier take on the trend, try styling an all-black outfit like our Petite Shine On 'Em Sequin Micro Mini Dress with bright pink or red booties or ad a statement bag in either hue. Whatever look you choose, we promise it will be sure to make Cupid smile!


Accessories That Help Make You Feel Special on Valentine's Day

Alright ladies, now that you understand the history behind why women wear pink or red on Valentine's Day, let's talk accessories! After all, there's nothing quite like adding a few special items to your outfit to make you feel extra special. Whether it's a bold statement necklace or a flirty pair of earrings, rocking some Valentine's Day accessorizing is always a great way to top off your look.


And if you're really looking to make a statement on Valentine's Day, why not go all out with some eye-catching shoes? A bold pair of red stilettos like our Bow To Me Stiletto $59 can take any look up a notch—making you feel like the belle of the ball and sure to turn heads!



Yes, there is a story behind why women wear pink or red on Valentine's Day - and no, it's not because men find those colors more attractive. In fact, the history of why women wear pink or red on Valentine's Day is actually a little bit murky.


Some people say that women began wearing pink and red on Valentine's Day in the Victorian era, as a way of appealing to men and showing that they were interested in love and romance. Others say that women began wearing pink and red on Valentine's Day in the 1920s, as a way of signaling that they were available for romance.


At any rate, nowadays, it's pretty much tradition for women to wear pink or red on Valentine's Day - and there's no harm in following the tradition! So why not dress to impress this Valentine's Day and show your love and appreciation for the people in your life?

February 14, 2023 — Shawn Reaves
Discover the Best Lingerie for a Truly Sensual Valentine's Day

Discover the Best Lingerie for a Truly Sensual Valentine's Day

You want to feel sexy on Valentine's Day. There's no doubt about that. But what should you wear to make sure you feel your best?


There are a lot of different opinions out there, but we believe the best lingerie for a romantic evening is something that makes you feel confident and sensual. It should fit well and make you feel beautiful—inside and out.


That's why we've put together this guide to the best lingerie for a truly sensual Valentine's Day. Whether you're looking for something flirty and fun or sexy and seductive, we've got you covered. So read on, and discover the perfect lingerie for you!

Types of Lingerie for a Romantic Night

When it comes to lingerie, there are countless options to choose from. But if you're looking to set the mood for a romantic Valentine's Day, certain styles are sure to get your partner's heart racing.


Here are a few lingerie ideas that are perfect for seduction:

 1. A sexy bra and panty set like the Hearts In Love Three Piece Set for


2. A see-through chemise or babydoll like the Laced In Love Backless Chemise for $23

3. A kinky corset or bustier like those found here.


4. Crotchless panties or a g-string like The Pearls of Love G-String for $12

5. A lace teddy like the crotchless Total Temptation Teddy for $29

Deciding on the Right Fit for You

So you've decided that you want to surprise your partner with some romantic lingerie this Valentine's Day? Great choice! But before you go out and buy the first thing you see, it's important to take a few things into account.


First, think about your body type. Not all lingerie is created equal, and different styles will look better on certain shapes. If you're not sure what style would suit you, take a look at our website for inspiration.


Second, decide on the right fit. You want your lingerie to feel comfortable and flattering, not tight or restrictive. Make sure the bra is the right size and that the panties fit snugly without digging in.


And finally, choose something you feel sexy in. This doesn't have to be something raunchy or over-the-top; sometimes simple and elegant is the sexiest thing of all.

The Benefits of Lace and Sheer Fabrics

Lace and sheer fabrics have always been associated with romance and sensuality. There's something about the delicate textures and delicate designs that just makes you feel feminine and sexy.


But what are the benefits of lace and sheer fabrics?


Here are just a few reasons why you should consider investing in some lingerie made from lace or sheer fabrics this Valentine's Day:

- They make you feel confident and sexy: When you wear something that feels beautiful and luxurious, it instantly makes you feel more confident. And who doesn't want to feel confident on Valentine's Day?

- They're super sexy: Lace and sheer fabrics are universally known as being super sexy. So if you're looking to heat things up in the bedroom, they're definitely the way to go.

- They're comfortable: Believe it or not, lace and sheer fabrics can actually be really comfortable to wear. So you don't have to worry about feeling constricted or uncomfortable while wearing them.

Unconventional Sexy Pieces for a Memorable Valentine's Day

If you want to really wow your partner this Valentine's Day, then why not try something a little bit different with your lingerie choices? Something unconventional and sexy can really make the night memorable, and will show your partner that you’re not afraid to be daring!


Think outside the box when it comes to lingerie options. Consider trying a combination of bold colors, or a playful piece like a bodysuit or chemise. You could also opt for something with lots of lace and frills, or even something that leaves little to the imagination - like an open cup design. Whatever you choose, just remember to have fun with it!

Color Ideas for an Impressive Look

Now that you've chosen the perfect lingerie set, it's time to really make it stand out with the right colors. For a truly romantic look, there are plenty of colors to choose from. Red is always a classic choice for Valentine's Day, as it's vibrant and passionate. You can also go with pinks and purples for a softer, more romantic look. Metallics and pastel colors are great for making an impressive statement, and you can even experiment with bolder shades like black or gold for an edgier look.


Just remember - whatever color you choose, make sure you feel confident in it! That is the most important part of feeling truly sexy in your lingerie.

Matching Sets and Dressing Tips for Added Romance

To give your evening even more of a romantic edge, opt for a lingerie set that features matching pieces in complementary colors. Going for a structured look? Make sure the two pieces fit together seamlessly and layer them with a kimono or sheer robe for that extra touch of glam. Or, you could try some daring lace designs and mix textures to create an edgy look.


If you're feeling creative, why not combine different garments to create your own unique style? For example, slip on a body stocking with a pair of shorts or layer a corset over a bodysuit. The choice is yours! Just remember to choose lingerie that makes you feel comfortable and sexy – it’s all about having fun with fashion.


No matter your size or shape, there’s a lingerie style out there that will make you feel sexy and confident on Valentine’s Day. It’s all about finding the right style and color for you, and feeling comfortable in your own skin. So don’t be afraid to experiment a little – you might be surprised at how confident you feel in a new style of lingerie.


So this Valentine’s Day, ditch the old lingerie styles and experiment with something new. You might be surprised at how confident you feel in a new style of lingerie.


January 17, 2023 — Shawn Reaves